Zpider Power Meter

 392.00 ( 313.60 ex VAT)

This is a full FSA Gossamer BB386EVO crankset with our Zpider power meter integrated in the spider.





Yes, the power sensors are very well protected which makes them not only water- but dustproof too.

Rechargeable and Green

The Zpider is equipped with integrated rechargeable batteries with light indicators on battery status. A single charge enables a minimum of 240 hours of riding.

Accuracy and Consistency

2% +/-

Easy to Install, Transfer and Use

The Zpider is based on a full FSA Gossamer BB386EVO crankset which offers the ultimate compatibility. Compatible bottom brackets: BB30, BB386EVO, BB86, BB RIGHT, BSA68, PF30 – See more details here

Chainring Compatibility

The Power meter will fit dual 4-bolt asymmetric ‘Shimano style’ 110 BCD chainrings


755 g excluding chainrings and bolts

In The Box

  • Full FSA Gossamer BB386EVO crankset
    with the Power Meter integrated in the spider
  • Magnetic Charger
  • User Manuals
  • Lots of future fun!


Please note:

The package doesn’t include chainrings and Bottom
Brackets. For the best fit, we recommend you use FSA
Bottom Brackets and the Stronglight chain rings found
in our webshop.

Maintenance Fee

We continue to develop and improve your power meter

firmware and the app, so you can view the monthly fee like any other software license…

or your phone subscription…or gym membership. Same thing…


Our challenge to you is to get on the bike and provide us

with at least one 30 min ride tracked with our app every

month. That is the valuable test data we are after, which

will help us improve the technology in your power meter.



– Theft protection


– Tracking your rides


– Maximum 24 months


– And you get to decide the future

Need assistance on compatibility or fitting ?