Zpider FTP20 Study Edition – Closed

 250.00 ( 200.00 ex VAT)

We have closed the FTP study today and we are very thankful for all your interest and support!



FTP study is closed, but we are very thankful for all your interest and support!

Zpider Features

This is a full FSA Gossamer BB386EVO crankset with the power meter integrated into the spider.


Yes, the power sensors are very well protected which makes them not only water- but dustproof too.

Rechargeable and Green

The Zpider is equipped with integrated rechargeable batteries. A single charge enables a minimum of 240 hours of riding.

Magnetic Chargers with light indicators on battery status are included.

Accuracy and Consistency

2% +/-

Easy to Install, Transfer and Use

The Zpider is based on a full FSA Gossamer BB386EVO crankset which offers the ultimate in compatibility – 30mm crank axel making it compatible with almost all bikes

Chainring Compatibility

The Power meter will fit dual 4-bolt asymmetric ‘Shimano style’ 110 BCD chainrings.


755 g excluding chainrings and bolts.

Will The Zpider Fit Your Bike?

The Zpider will always fit on all frames of the following bottom bracket (BB) types:

BSA threaded, ITA threaded, BB30, PF30, BB30A, PF30A and BB right.

In the special case of the BB386EVO or BB86, sometimes the Zpider will fit and sometimes it won’t. The fit depends on the shape of the frame at the BB area. Luckily there’s a test to make absolutely sure whether the Zpider will fit your BB386EVO/BB86 frame.

You have to pass the compatibility test to enter the testing program.

Or click here and get personalized assistance

Special FTP Study Maintenance Fee

This Zpider will only work with the FTP20 Maintenance Fee. You only need to purchase the maintenance fee after you installed the Zpider on your bike.




– Requires you to upload a monthly 20-minute FTP test


– 10€ monthly fee for one year period (12 months)


– After the one year, the fee goes to zero plus you can still use and get updates for your power meter


– Requires the latest Android app (Will not work with the IOS app)

This is how it works.

In The Box

You will find:

– Zpider Power Meter

– Magnetic Charger

– User Manuals

– Lots of future fun!

Please note:

The package doesn’t include chainrings and Bottom