Maintenance fee with data upload

 4.46 on the 1st of each month for 24 months

50% Discount

If you  upload data for at least one 30 min ride, we automatically give you 50% discount for that month so you only pay half fee. And the fee goes to zero after 24 months.

Out of stock

First payment prorated. Next payment: October 1, 2021


In exchange for the low price, you have to pay a monthly maintenance fee. We continue to develop and improve your power meter firmware and the app, so you can view the monthly fee like any other software license… or your Netflix subscription… or gym membership. Same thing.

We continue working for you and you pay a small amount for that as long as you think you are getting something valuable in return.

Our challenge to you is to get on the bike and provide us with at least one 30 min ride tracked with our app every month. That is the valuable test data we are after, which will help us improve the technology in your power meter.